Shine a Light (2008)

“We found an old hotel in downtown L.A. and went inside to shoot in the lobby, but the guy behind the desk wouldn’t let us take photos,” says Henry Diltz. “So we walked outside to shoot in front when I noticed the guy had left the desk and went into the elevator. I told the band to run inside and pose inside the window. I shot one roll of film and we were gone five minutes later.”


reasons why i love george harrison - 4/???

his mind. the way his mind worked and the fact that he was SO open-minded. he truly was a free spirit. he took everything as it came and like he says on this quote he had NO limitations on himself. in other words, he was himself 100% of the time and didnt let people or society tell him what to think or what to do. he really didnt care about that. and that is yet another thing that makes him extraordinary, in my opinion. he was never trapped in that state of mind of thinking you have to be what everyone wants you to be and to hide your true self. he just WAS his true self all the time.

Mick Taylor in 1970.
Mick Taylor in 1970.


Shadowfax, the Lord of all horses.

In Memory of Blanco, the horse that played Shadowfax. [x]

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